Paradise Postponed

SO, a maniac from Islamic Jihad is causing trouble again in Tel Aviv, presumably in the vain hope of destabilising upcoming elections. I hope that the exaggerated rewards awaiting him in Paradise will be worth it. Speaking of which.. Best Foreign Film at the Globes: “Paradise Now”. In Hollywood’s desperate and rather wan attempts at PC it revealed the country of origin as ‘Palestine’. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but no such country exists known to the World Bank, the UN, or even the Palestinian Authority who haven’t applied for statehood yet. In a further ironic touch, the film hasn’t even been seen in Nablus where it was filmed. Locals who’ve seen it on satellite give it mixed reviews, believing it not to further the Palestinian cause. Another little wrinkle in spacetime.. H’m
The image is of two hesitant and rather well-heeled suicide bombers from the movie.

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