Visa run to Dubai

Screen ShotDubai. A city with a heart but not much of a soul. At least everything works here, but the city chuckles fatly under a carapace of wealth and privilege. Polite natives but everyone’s out to make a fast buck. Don’t think I’d like to live here, but OK for a visit. Biggest indoor snow slope in the world, and the most luxurious hotels. But, see later….

Screen Shot 1

Built in the shape of an Arabian dhow sail and dominating the Dubai coastline, this is one of the world’s most spectacular and incomparably luxurious hotels. It offers unparalleled standards of comfort and service in a unique and unforgettably lavish setting…..’

H’m.. Nice, innit…Drove past it in a Mercedes cab, which stops if requested for the poor and unwashed to gawp at the admittedly impressive structure. All suites – the Sultan of Brunei keeps a $24,000 penthouse here all year round, visiting perhaps twice a year. Apparently, there’s an ATM which pays out in gold bars.

It’s strange to revisit this post after quite a few years. I wrote so much more laconically, as a diarist might, in those days. I’ve updated the images – much glitzier this time – and reflected on the fact that Gipsy and I went to the Jumeirah Beach – a rather less impressive $1000 a night for dinner once, long after this post was written. The glass elevator was altogether spectacular.






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