The Envelope…

Ah, the joys, the joys…
How quickly the annual bananafest and Los Angeles bonhomie creeps up on us. I do hope all the gay backslapping has finally broken it’s back and a worthy winner will be found for best film in the form of Good Night and Good Luck with a riveting performance by David Strathairn. Nice to see our very own Dame JD as the spectacularly rude Mrs Henderson, a coup if she collected, one feels. Best support might be Rachel Weisz’s but the sheer quality of ‘The Constant Gardener’ might have simply swept her up for the ride.

The image? Oh. Nothing to do with the above. It’s Janica Kostelic, the Croatian skier. Years ago, my son and I skied in Austria with Ante, her father, and Ivo her older brother. They were both much faster than me. I must give back the gloves I borrowed….

2 thoughts on “The Envelope…

  1. I’m almost inclined to change my mind, having just seen ‘Capote’. Apart from the off-putting ‘It’s a Knockout’ on the dvd cover, the scale and breadth of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Capote, replete with Martini-sodden angst and eggshell personality, the darling of New York’s literary glitterati, was overwhelming. The depth of performance was unfaltering, the range stratospheric. Spoiled perhaps by screenwriting punctuated with too much silence, hence over-long, nevertheless, a must-see. I wanted to read ‘In Cold Blood’ all over again


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