ONE week today, assuming Emirates flies on time, about now I shall be casting around Amman airport attempting to find the Royal Jordanian desk. Alternatively, catch a shared taxi across the King Hussein Bridge and on to the Damascus Gate, final destination a five minute sprint through the Old City to Jaffa Gate. The walk in the opposite direction is pleasant. Walking through the Gate and turning right takes you past Christ Church, where I used to live and David’s Citadel across the road. Live concerts and fireworks free of charge to us… Keeping left takes you right into the heart of the Old City, cobbled, steeply sloping streets teeming with hawkers, buyers, sellers, the the streetwise, the curious and the gullible. In the Arab quarter, you almost have to ‘eyes front’ since catching the eye is perceived as an invitation to haggle. A fast left past the Church of the Holy Sepulchre gets you back to the Damascus Gate, where squatting street sellers display fruit, vegetables, nuts and just about everything else which might fetch a price. There’s a juice shop at the top of the hill that sells the finest in the city. OK during the day but sometimes iffy at night, a friend had to fend off an attack. Still, might be safer than Karachi at the moment. Nonetheless….I can’t wait. Can I, Susan……

Oh, how glad you were to see me and how we so enjoyed the time. Looking back, how much more should I have done.

One thought on “Yerushalayim

  1. I’m jealous that you are already heading back to the Old City. TJ is really missing the place. Give Susan a big squeeze from us. In the US, we hear of all the rioting going on in the Muslim world regarding the cartoons. It seems that it is mostly happening in the poorer, less developed (Westernized?) countries. Have you heard of any demonstrations in places like Jordan or Saudi Arabia?I’m going to Roma next month. I’ll be sure to ask the Pope to send a special blessing your way.


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