A bomb in the Marriott car park this morning – next door to the US consulate. Four dead, including a United States diplomat, the work of a suicide bomber. It killed at least eight Pakistanis also, less than a day after U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld left the country.  I visit the Marriott a lot, quiet ambiance, soft music, good food.

It’s interesting that most of the images have been deleted – the hotel website focuses on the interior so the front entrance with its tank traps and security doesn’t put visitors off too much. Ironic, isn’t it – I leave Karachi for one of the most volatile places on earth and a suicide bomber attacks at home. How many such people have actually read the Prophet’s response to suicides? There will be no peace until the perversions so evident in so-called ‘militant’ Islam have been finally and publicly refuted by those whose task it is to educate and instruct. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Especially good imams.

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