Komboloi Beads for Worriers

Screen Shot 4.pngThe next few days are likely to be interesting. Work, like Bunyan’s puddles, has dried up, thus I am once again casting what little bread I have upon rapidly shrinking wetland.
Philippians 4:19 notwithstanding, one is sometimes tempted to ask the question ‘how?’ And yet, so many times, usually at the last moment (please someone buy the guy a watch) the remarkable fact remains that as a believer, I am able to wait in confidence simply because God is committed to providing.
It has been said that worry is a form of atheism, saying, “It all depends on me.” Worry is a warning light that we doubt the love of God. Put more properly, we doubt the unconditional love of God. H’m. The image is of Greek worry beads (Komboloi) but the idea originated thousands of years ago in the prayer beads of many cultures and traditions…Hindu, Christian and Moslem. Today they are used for their comforting effect….helping smokers to quit, the anxious to breathe more deeply, the very pregnant to be patient…and people like me, I suppose.
Perhaps I should get some, counting being soothing, whether hours, days or beads.