Ah, the blessed Mary… Mary Black, of course, the queen of Ireland. Once saw her live and all my Celtic blood rose to the surface, since I was surrounded by English men who were unaware of her inner strength and wouldn’t know how to spell Uileann much less appreciate their haunting beauty. I really mustn’t listen to Liam O’Flynn or Christy Moore too much, I can almost smell the peat and the wild west coast’s Atlantic spray….
This was, I think, taken during a tour in 2003. She seems to go down well in Holland, also Japan, which seems unusual. I think I must have first run across her when she did a superb cover of the incomparable MCC’s ‘Moon and St Christopher’
My night for listening to nostalgia, from Billy Ray Cyrus to William Ackerman. Must be getting old, I’ll be spinning Bryan Adams next….

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