My apocalyptic streak resurfaces sometimes. The fate of humanity, the Earth and the London Olympics is seriously in question as 2012 marks the termination of the 13th b’ak’tun cycle, and possibly the end of the world, according to Mayan prophecy, which, of course, everybody knows. H’m. Geomagnetic reversal might be the lever this time, which will no doubt bewilder a large number of migrating wildfowl who might find themselves temporarily homeless. I find myself taking the longer view, much like the Archbishop of Canterbury, so catastrophe might be a Black Swan inevitability at some unspecified, Mandelbrotian time, but in the short term, let’s all try to keep the keel in the water and hopefully we all won’t capsize.
The water chute is from the Mayan temple in Atlantis. Of course. Where else…

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