Emergent Church

Screen Shot 1

Coventry Cathedral. As modern as it gets.

I am, it seems, in a cul-de-sac. In the mid 1970’s some of us were interested in ‘doing church’ in new, experimental ways, unafraid to question rigidity, structure, hermeneutics, soteriology and evangelism – in the days when it wasn’t synonymous with intolerance; instead looking for valid expressions or paradigms of faith which resonated with us. We learned a bit about narrative theology, although didn’t call it that, youthful activism, although misguided sometimes and ill-informed. Community – whatever we thought that this meant – featured in differing ways for us. The Cathedral was kind enough to give us room and we discovered a measure of transcendence. I now find that people have been doing similar stuff at the turn of the century and beyond and a broad undercurrent of expression has developed, inclusive, catholic, forgiving and active – a teenage brother to our own infant scrawlings. Teenagers are of course troublesome, ill-informed and dislike being challenged, so, we’ll see. More of this later. Gimme some thinking time.

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