Leviathan Collapsed

It’s strangely comforting when the plug is pulled on the great and the good, especially when they have (or had) a good deal more money than me. World Business News uses words like ‘apocalyptic and ‘once in a thousand years’ to describe the inevitable consequence of mismanagement and greed as Lehman crumbles ignominiously into the dust, while AIG comes up smelling at least of daffodils. The era of the philosopher king on Wall Street might not quite end in bloody revolution, but a frisson of the power of the grim reaper of depression cannot help but have been felt in the wine bars.
Now, where is it going to end? GB i/c GB may not sleep as comfortably as he once did, presiding as he does over brittle economic conditions and personal unpopularity. He hasn’t quite got the wasta to blag foreign trips with old mates like Silvio and Cliff, has he…..I wonder if a cold tendril of self-doubt whistles along his spine, as one might imagine the boys at CERN suffering from. They’ve built the most expensive gun in the universe and hope to see its beginning, if briefly. There is indeed no danger, it takes a good deal more energy than homo sapiens can muster, even with $16bn to create a black hole big enough to cause more than a ripple, Koestler’s ‘shrug of eternity’

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