Tiddly Beer

I’ve been blogging elsewhere recently. 

Here in fact. 
If you enjoy physics and science for bright kids, you might find something amusing to look at.

Due to particular circumstances, I find myself looking at the past rather more than I think I should, but I can’t really explain why this might be. Life seems to be in some degree suspended and in slow motion as if in slow-moving water – one day gently blurs into the next and the extremes of last year at this time are no more than a memory.
For those who might be interested, yesterday, I celebrated two alcohol-free years. It’s difficult to examine oneself and come up with some kind of accurate picture of what one was like then and how things might have changed, indeed why should I? I’m still emotionally crippled – if a preference for a degree of solitude constitutes disablement. I’m not sure it does, but others disagree. I find that conscious interaction with the collective needs less conversation than most people, I suppose. Hannibal Lecter was supposed to have ‘palaces of the mind’ – great swathes of memory which he could allegedly visit, interacting with at will. I perhaps have semi-detached spaces instead, where colours and music and people come and go as they please, peeping around familiar corners and smiling reassuringly.
I know one or two of you visit here from time to time. Thank you for coming. In the future, I want to make this space more welcoming and inclusive.

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