Pets and Puppies

There’s something of a frontier town feel about Linux. It asks you to do things in ways you had almost forgotten. Apart from being blindingly fast – the whole deal fits snugly into RAM like the bound foot of a 19th century Chinese courtesan, leaving vast acreages left over – what does Vista do with it all; it must have hectares of redundant code, like DNA.
I rather feel like the puppy in the photograph – thanks to Barry K for a system even I can use – not very knowledgeable but mighty curious.
I haven’t figured out how to crop this image yet, but at least I managed to find it..

One thought on “Pets and Puppies

  1. I wonder if you will still think the puppy cute and lovable when it has lost it’s immediate appeal of huge puppy eyes and originally friendly and pleased-to-see-you welcome? I read with interest your comment about going to make your blog ‘more accessible and welcoming’ (were those the words, or just the sentiment?) – do you really want to welcome anyone ‘in’, or are we all just welcome to come and look and watch and marvel?


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