The Dark Side

Kidnapping is by no means unknown here, together with ransom demands. Someone sent this to me recently, and I’m reproducing it word for word here. Carrefour is a busy, modern hypermarket in the middle of a vast shopping mall, frequented by the well-heeled, Westernised and, one might suppose, civilised members of the community. A few days ago, this happened…
A mother was leaning over looking for meat and turned around to find her four year old daughter was missing. I was standing there right beside her and she was calling her daughter with no luck.
I asked a man who worked at Carrefour to announce it over the loudspeaker. He immediately walked right past me after I asked and went to a pole where there was a phone. He made an announcement for all the doors and gates to be locked – using a store code or something. So they locked all the doors at once.
This took all of three minutes after I asked the guy to do this. They found the little girl five minutes later in the store’s toilet cubicle – drugged.
Her head was half-shaved and was dressed in her underwear with a bag of clothes, a razor, and a wig sitting on the floor beside her – most likely to make her look different! Whoever this despicable person was took the little girl, brought her into the bathroom, shaved half her head and undressed her in a matter of less than 10 minutes
Most of us float comfortably on the warm waters of secure and predictable events. Underneath – not far below the surface, it seems – is a dark, putrid, seething stewpot of pure evil, which we rarely even see, much less touch. Were this my daughter, what kind of blind, unreasoning rage would have been unleashed in me, and what kind of vengeance would I have exacted, had I caught the perpetrator? I wonder, does this make me as evil as him?
In  lighter and tastelessly flippant bad taste, I came across this image. Ironically over 50% of Kuwaitis are clinically obese.

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