Mind Games

I’m sure some people I know do this to me deliberately. They present me with a series of games to play just to see if I’ll take the bait. OK. I admit it. I almost always take the bait because I’m basically a sucker for a new game. They then reason that I’m too much of a showoff to keep the findings to myself. Right again. I suspect the reason for this is that in the ether somewhere, I hold the entirely spurious belief that someone is going to offer an opinion on whether I’m ‘OK’ or not. I spent half an hour filling out what appeared to be a quite mindless but extensive personality questionnaire which at the end of it led me to the conclusion that I wasn’t severely abnormal – in other words, at the edges of any of the measured scales, and for the most part, pretty much in the middle of most of them. I did try to answer the questions objectively and with as little dissembling as I could manage, despite noticing that many questions were repeated or counter-presented to make me give the opposite answer, presumably to weed out inconsistency. Some questions offended me – again – perhaps they were supposed to. I have a distrust of data which seems trivial – how can one form an opinion on the basis of so little?  I wonder whether had I done the test in the presence of a qualified head-shrinker whether or not my answers would have been the same. I suspect not.


2 thoughts on “Mind Games

  1. You're such a hoot. Why don't you eschew all these tests, assessments, quizzes, and mind games and ask your friends?
    I'll go first (without you even asking)… you're definitely OK. Probably solidly in the middle of most norms with maybe a large (positive) deviation for intelligence and a small(negative) deviation for something (no one is ever totally “normal.”) 🙂
    Not to worry, if you ever become not OK, you can be sure your friends will tell you. In my qualified head-shrinker opinion (IMQHO). lol


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