The Hard Life

There are certain advantages about fraternising with arty-farty types, in particular when food is involved. The chef is never satisfied with anything less than five star quality for both the photography and the flavour, which means that everyone gets a really, really REALLY good lunch.

On the menu yesterday – just for the cameras, you understand, was rough duck terrine with pistachios, sea bass, prunes with guinea fowl, onion and blue cheese tart and wild strawberries with sheep’s milk yoghurt (it’s a subtly sweeter version with a slightly rougher texture – am I becoming a professional foodie or what..?) 

I am informed that the fowl – or indeed the fish, when wrapped in the peritoneum of a pig retains flavour and provides a natural environment for perfectly succulent cooking.

Furthermore, Mediterranean populations, who consume large amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids as well as omega-3, also fruits and vegetables have a lower cardiovascular risk than other European populations. How very encouraging.

Tomorrow, it’s a winter menu. Lightly curried monkfish with winter vegetables and, because venison is out of season, we’ll have to make do with ostrich en croute instead – for the colour, you understand. It’s tough being a writer.

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