Gentle Lies

Propaganda  might be defined as getting people to believe exactly what you want them to believe by gently but persistently lying to them. When an opinion hardens into a principle which coalesces into a doctrine, the world becomes less flexible, less amenable to change and more susceptible to violent opposition to it. Most people don’t take the time or expend the requisite effort in order to unearth the truth – whatever the truth is. Jack Nicholson’s famous line from ‘A Few Good Men’ still reverberates “You can’t handle the truth!”
The plural ‘you’ perhaps. And, quite probably, we can’t. But Western style democracy gives us the platform from which to try, which is why Wikileaks is tolerated, students can protest loudly over tuition fees and the British prime minister is on record as asserting  “I am proud to be a Zionist”.
The long Damoclean shadow which is Iran will present the free world with the next significant Doomsday scenario of the 21st century.
I found these two clips illuminating since they offer two separate propagandist perspectives. Iranium – buttressed by and weighted politically by ‘people who know’, is rebutted by a soft, dewy-eyed, we-wouldn’t-harm-a-fly response, the latter’s effect rather spoiled by images of bloodstained Palestinian children and the inevitable side-swipe at Israel.
Whatever remains of my hot prophetic blood, if not boiling, still gently simmers.

2 thoughts on “Gentle Lies

  1. He whose posting or soundbite goes viral wins. Propaganda used to be genteel, disguised as essential information proffered for the betterment of one's current life. With the Internet and instant global replication and the metaphorical gloves are off. The rumors, lies, innuendoes, misinformation, and press releases (and leaks) are instantly countered by the opposition, and the phenomenon of the preponderence of repetition provides a “ring” of truth to what would otherwise be identified as ridiculous…if only one actually had time to think about the surfeit of information.
    Makes me think of a line from a song… “When the power of darkness comes in like a flood…” Without time to think, light (understanding) is the first thing that suffers.

    IMHO…and you know me. I have an opinion about everything. =)


  2. I think your response worthy of its own blog entry, since as you rightly say if something goes viral on the Net, it confers credibility (20 million Nazis/jihadists/Communists-pick one – can't be wrong) a logical fallacy which escapes even the most vigilant. Or, indeed, may even 'deceive the elect' Oh, dear, there's me with my Elijah hat on again. As to the song..OH. Do you know that one? I learned it during the fighting years when we all wore chain mail in the meeting…
    Does this one ring a bell, from Amos 9:
    “For, behold, the days are coming
    For the Lord has promised
    When the ploughman shall overtake the reaper.
    And the world shall be His threshing-floor
    and the move of God we've cried out for will come…
    will surely come..
    So..come. So..come”

    Wasn't it 'wisdom that cries in the streets and raises her voice in the public square' (Proverbs 1, I think)


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