An Unlikely Champion

It’s been a busy week for interfaith dialogue, of a sort. It’s just that it’s beginning to dawn on politically incorrect old me that it might be a rather illogical exercise. Faith, though not incompatible with reason, nonetheless differs from reason. Better, then, to let those of other religions follow their own beliefs in peace and tranquillity while one can attend to one’s own. This seems the more modest way, the better route to amity. But, then again, perhaps not since I’m finding myself quite amused by the tricks that history can play. Who would have thought that so soon after the Inquisition and so many other infamies perpetrated in the name of the Church and the silence of Rome during the Holocaust, that after all this history we would fetch up in a world in which Jews could pick up a newspaper to discover that between Julian Assange who alleges a Jewish plot to smear him, the president of Yemen who believes in the existence of an operations room in  Tel Aviv dedicated to fomenting Arab unrest and the Iranian tyrant  who alleges that the 2012 Olympic logo spells the word ‘Zion” that the leading voice in their defence is the Pope?  His new book, excerpts of which make interesting reading, absolves the Jewish people exclusively for the Crucifixion, instead the whole of humanity is responsible.
A moment for both Christians and Jews to savour. My thanks to the New York Sun, also other places I can’t mention.

4 thoughts on “An Unlikely Champion

  1. Israel’s Chief Rabbinate last week decided to suspend all interfaith dialogue with Muslims in the country until local Islamic clerics denounce the recent and ongoing terrorist attacks targeting Israeli Jews.

    “Once again our neighbors have proved that we have no real partner,” Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger wrote in a statement to the press. “Until the inciting religious leaders denounce the terrorists, the Rabbinate will suspend its interfaith dialogue with them.”

    Last week, Muslim terrorists detonated a bomb in downtown Jerusalem, the first large-scale attack in the capital in over two years. In southern Israel, Gaza-based terrorists have escalated their missile assault on Israeli civilians.

    OK. So, what's new, guys….
    Jerusalem Post 30/3/2011


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