Wagging Fingers

What an interesting week it has been and there’s lots I’d quite like to write about, but since this little morsel captured my attention, I’ll say a brief word or two about it. Palestine is a sort-of, nearly member of the International Club – let’s stop calling it the UN because it’s neither united nor comprised, now, exclusively of ‘nations’. This has had some interesting spin-offs, not least that someone has found some money, which was probably donated by the US, to erect a few signs which seem to have sprung up in Judea and Samaria. It all seems a bit weak, finger-wagging and feeble to me.

I wonder who the warning is for?  In my innocence and naivete, I can’t help feeling that there seems little point in erecting such a notice, howsoever helpfully in three languages, unless some kind of sanction will be brought against those who for whatever reason choose to ignore it. Surely a better warning sign might read something like this one on the left. No ambiguity here – the word ‘trespasser’ is a dead giveaway. Seven possibilities are presented although execution of the first – do pardon the pun – might be considered a sufficient deterrent. A trespasser is somebody who, without permission, stomps his dirty black boots over your nicely manicured lawn and wreaks havoc and destruction on the prize roses, which you don’t much care for, so, you lay down a few simple ground rules to discourage him. Unfortunately, the law of trespass doesn’t quite cut it in the first caption.The world has rewarded the party which has consistently refused to lay down its arms, rejected the Oslo proposal, systematically pursued violence and moreover taught its children to do so and removed the framework on which basis Israel made many risky concessions. In short, the Israelis donated the land and invited the PLO to look after it. Ah.

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