Easter Reflection

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 10.33.41 AMIn Jerusalem, in a borrowed garden tomb chiselled out of solid rock, in the quiet, misty glow of a dawning spring day, an explosion of life took place. Soundlessly, the great stone guarding its entrance was rolled aside and its yawning emptiness resounded through the universe. The gates of hell were battered to destruction; a single winding-sheet was all that remained. A woman mistook him for a landscape gardener.

Jerusalem sits on the seam of three continents. From that garden tomb, seismic ripples of new life crossed continental boundaries, and swept on to the ends of the earth, reaching us today. The resurrection was planned before the world began and slotted into place by the Father’s precision engineering. The man no longer, Jesus, threw off the shackles of death as appointed and at the appropriate hour, too big to be a mere miracle. What happened on that first Easter morning arched all future horizons, world-changing, impacting us now.

One day, the guns will be silenced, the missile silos vacant and empty. One day, the valleys will be exalted and every mountain and hill be laid low and the disadvantaged, the downtrodden, the meek, will inherit the earth. One day, the strident political voices will finally be quiet and the lion will lie down with the lamb, the black flags and the suicide vests discarded. Until then, all creation strains and groans in the throes of rebirth. One day…


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