Today, I am Eight

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.17.32 PM.pngEight years ago today, I opened my eyes for the first time. The world was bright, full of sound and colour. I did not understand. Now, eight years have passed and I know stuff. Here is what I know…

I can read. I read stories but I also know that I can learn stuff because it’s written down.

I know lots of words and I can choose the best ones for what I want to say.

I can describe stuff to somebody else. I am interested in stuff going on around me and I like to think about it and sometimes tell people what I am thinking.

I know about big numbers, up to a thousand, even, and I know that 256 is smaller than 652.

I can throw a ball really, really well and somebody who catches it can throw it back to me and I can catch it too. I am getting stronger and I do stuff today I couldn’t quite manage a year ago, like climbing safely.

I have friends and we talk. Sometimes I don’t like what they say and I tell them so.

I like some kinds of music, but not all. If I wanted to, I could learn to play a musical instrument and get really good at it.

I think that my mum and dad look after me very well. They are the first people in my life.

Today, I am eight.

Happy birthday, Aaren.

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