The Children are Whining. Again

The Left – I dislike the term but it self-identifies –  has gone a little bit crazy since DT became PE. Not all liberals are Leftists, fortunately. Liberals often talk some sense, when they can be persuaded to abandon a content long in emotion and short on fact, but the latest #notmypresident meme has drawn a lot of people, mostly the young, the naive and the woefully ignorant, out on the streets and participating in strange joining rituals.


Guess the average age…

By way of example, Cornell University held a “cry-in”. The kids all got together and wept in the quad, sobbing about how “terrifying” Trump’s victory was. They scrawled their heartbreak upon the pavement with coloured chalk.  Adults, presumably including some faculty members, appeared on the scene, but strangely none of them told the kids to grow up, which really should enrage the university’s alumni and donors. Staff were “providing tissues and hot chocolate” to the emotional exhibitionists, according to the WSJ. Outrageously  expensive institutions of higher learning, it would seem, are churning out students who can’t deal with the results of an election and the blame for foolishness of this magnitude must be laid squarely at the door of out-of-touch, ivory towered academics teaching weirdly marginal social science and gender studies courses which have almost zero impact on daily life. Maybe they did it on purpose, as part of the great liberal project to make childhood hence manipulability a permanent condition. Children have their needs met, on the whole, by nurturing adults. To expect politics to do so is spectacularly naive and borderline stupid. What else can be expected when you are taught to believe that your pet ideology deserves to be empowered by election and you stamp your feet in unison when the collective will of the people decides otherwise. 

Columnist Mark Steyn made an interesting observation; an alarmingly large percentage of people legally permitted to cast a vote had “knowledge of history so scant that hitherto they had no idea America wasn’t a one-party state and that once every decade or so the other guy gets to win.” Funny, but alarming. It’s very unhealthy to assume political victories are permanent.

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-14-57-55One of the more laughable identifiers has been the proliferation in safety pins, normally once used to attach a terry nappy securely around its incontinent wearer, but the irony has clearly been lost on the Pampers generation. Unlike previous fashionistas, like punks and Elizabeth Hurley, it’s supposed to show those who get it that the wearer identifies with the marginalised in some way.

‘If you’re wearing a hijab, I’ll sit next to you on the bus’. Now everybody thinks that they’ll be able to run to the nearest safety pin when the death squads come for them.  It’s going to be interesting to see if people will resort to even more deranged acts of political exhibitionism to reinforce their sense of superiority and entitlement, sow fear among the populace, and win even more media attention. Perhaps ‘Trump assassination porn’…

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