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Being lovable. (see “Memes”)

I’ve exported  “Small Wrinkles in Spacetime”  here with a new title for no other reason than to just freshen up the content a little bit. Minus a bit of schmaltz at the edges, quotes by clever people; it’s all here, I think.

Me? I just write for fun, and I’m not too worried about stats and numbers. If you come across this and you like it – or even if you don’t, leave a comment. I tend to write a lot about books, movies, physics, God and Israel; in particular, the Palestinian problem. Yes, I am a supporter of Israel and I have written for a news blog there. Yes, I think that when people are backed up against the wall, they’ll make mistakes, so I don’t blindly endorse every Knesset decision, right or left. But, the Palestinian hardline Muslims won’t give up, because they want it all, from the river to the sea; this sad reality is clearly demonstrated by the fact that rockets are fired, often indiscriminately, tunnels are dug and people are rammed by cars or attacked with knives. I happen to think that history rewritten by the UN has given them hope that one day, it’ll all come to pass. However many knee-jerk UN resolutions applaud the Palestinians’ position, or whoever decides to recognise a State as ephemeral as a puff of smoke isn’t going to change the reality on the ground. People will still try to kill Jews. Having said that, I think I have more Palestinian friends than Jewish ones, sane, rational people who would be only too happy to see the end of conflict.

Since I first began writing, it’s evolved a bit, I think. Early posts were a praise poem to a woman I loved, but it has evolved, as have I. Sometimes it’s a scratchpad for other stuff I put together, sometimes it’s a not-so-silent rant, sometimes just stuff that catches my attention and I think I might have an original take on it. At other times, I put things here that I just happen to like, with no agenda, rather like the picture of the puppy above. I don’t own this dog. I rather wish I did, however. And, I still think we read to know that we are not alone.

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