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Being lovable. (see “Memes”)

I’ve exported  “Small Wrinkles in Spacetime”  here with a new title for no other reason than to just freshen up the content a little bit. Minus a bit of schmaltz at the edges, quotes by clever people; it’s all here, I think.

Me? I just write for fun, and I’m not too worried about stats and numbers. If you come across this and you like it – or even if you don’t, leave a comment. I tend to write a lot about books, movies, physics, God and Israel; in particular, the Palestinian problem. Yes, I am a supporter of Israel and I write for a news blog there. Yes, I think that when people are backed up against the wall, they’ll make mistakes, so I don’t blindly endorse every Knesset decision, right or left. But, the Palestinian Muslims won’t give up, because they want it all, from the river to the sea. I happen to think that history rewritten by the UN has given them hope that one day, it’ll all come to pass. However many UN resolutions applaud the Palestinians’ position, or whoever decides to recognise a State as ephemeral as a puff of smoke isn’t going to change the reality on the ground. People will still try to kill Jews.

Since I first began writing, it’s evolved a bit, I think. Sometimes it’s a scratchpad for other stuff I put together, sometimes it’s a not-so-silent rant, sometimes just stuff that catches my attention and I think I might have an original take on it. At other times, I put things here that I just happen to like, with no agenda, rather like the picture of the puppy above. I don’t own this dog. I rather wish I did, however. And, I still think we read to know that we are not alone.

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