Arrows of Jihad

This is probably gonna turn out to be quite a gloomy entry. Why is the West targeted, as well as inoffensive honeymoon spots such as Sharm-el-Sheikh? Is it because of our perceived status – ‘who we are’ in other words? Or, is it ‘what we do?’
Who we are is perceived as a decadent, morally flabby, burnt-out ember of postmodern Christian civilisation, having prostituted its values to globalisation, consumerism and intellectual bankruptcy. What we do is create oases of our own flavour of democracy, allegedly impregnable financial bastions, and offer support to those threatened with extinction because of the crusading zeal and phenomenally rapid growth of militant Islam. Who would have believed, for example, that it would take only six decades for a president of a member state of the United Nations to call for the destruction of Israel, label the Holocaust a myth, and host a revisionist conference of Holocaust deniers, without apparently, any consequences apart from small diplomatic finger waggings. This, from a nation prepared to cock a snook at the UN and blithely stampede ahead with uranium enrichment.
No. It’s even less subtle. Jihadism promises extravagant, hedonistic reward in the next life, with scant regard as to how its proponents get there. Against such, there is no rational defence. In the short term, we may expect that internecine feuding between major protagonists (witness events in Gaza, Baghdad and elsewhere) might slow the process down, but it seems unlikely that all will be kissy-poo between the People of the Book for a very long time to come.
The image is of the sky over Yad Vashem, just in case we might be tempted to forget….